Oficina de Recursos Tecnológicos para o Português

Teacher Responsible: Ana Cristina Dias Pinheiro
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
- Know, understand and use concepts involving educational techology - Learn how to select and critically use technological resources - Adequate available resources (selectd or consctructed) to pre-school education realities - Know and use technological resources for Portuguese Language

1. An approach to concepts involving educational technology and the investigative professional; 2. Technologies in the educational context: pedagogical issues and space issues; 3. An approach to the selection, evaluation and use of Educational Digital resources 4. technological recources in the context of Portuguese Language; 5. recreational contexts for the promotion of Portuguese 6. Recreational and pedagogical activities for the promotion of Portuguese 7. Talk, read and write from games promoting Portuguese

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Attended sessions use different strategies: exposure, debate and projects supervised by the teacher. When developing practical assignments individual support is provided and each group is able to make specific decisions on content. It is expected to develop or use a pedagogical resource and assess its use within Portuguese Language area. The use of tecnological devices are wellcome. Students will be provived with tutorial sessions and moments for critical reflection. Assessment: group work (50%); individual evaluation (50%)

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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