Didática da Matemática para a Educação de Infância

Teacher Responsible: Rui João Teles da Silva Ramalho
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
Apply adequate vocabulary in describing situations Critically support options Recognise the role of Didactics of Mathematics in teaching/learning of mathematics Characterize different representations of mathematical knowledges to work in child education contexts: numerical, geometrical, measurements and organisation and representation of data Analyze mathematical situations and activities adequate for learning concepts Propose different pedagogical strategies in order explore concepts and develop logical-mathematical activities Explore ICT appled to pre-school contexts Develop critical analysis, innovation, pedagogical reseaarch and reflection on the practice

1. Mathematics in pre-school education - framework and intentions 2. Areas of exploration in the Mathematics domain 2.1. Numbers and operations 2.2. Geometry and operations 2.3. Data organization and data treatment 3. Structured and non-structured didactical materials in Mathematics in child education contexts 4. Software for initial Mathematical learnings

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Teaching methodologies: exposure, debate, document analysis, gorup work and problem solving Evaluation strategies and weight: individual portfolio (100%) A portfolio allows the documentation of the learning process by it's author throughout the process and should include a reflection on the developments experienced and of future challenges. Therefore, by making an individual portfolio that facilitates self evaluation and other's evaluation, students are able to understand in time processes and results from learning, stimulating individual creativity processes and conceptual enrichment achieved by multiple sources of knowledge.

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