Pedagogia da Infância - Educação Pré-Escolar e Creche

Teacher Responsible: Maria Clara de Faria Guedes Vaz Craveiro
1º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
-Compare different pedagogues' postures, regarding central aspects of childhood pedagogy -Reflect on pedagogical discourses, adjusting them to the pedagogical practice development in nursery and pre-school education -Analyze pedagogical perspectives and learn to use them as a tool for reflection on structuring curricular dimensions of childhood education (nursery and pre-school education) -Convert knowledge in pedagogical documentation production processes -Reflect on pedagogical models and discuss its implementation -Analyze and identify practices characteristics of the underlying pedagogical models -Take a reflective, critical and investigative approach on educational practice

1- Perspectives on first childhood Pedagogy 1.1-The approach of Northern Italy; The HighScope model; The Goldschmied and Jackson perspective 2-Organization of the educational environment and educational principles of nursery 2.1-Space, materials, time, group activities/projects and interaction 2.2- Scenarios to play, discover, manipulate, play, express, feel and communicate 3- Childhood Pedagogy -perspectives/trends 3.1-Curricular Models in pre-school education-contextualization and analysis 3.2 Curriculum development integrated dimensions 3.2.1-Space/materials, time, interactions, activities/experiences and projects, group as building elements of curriculum 3.2.2-Relationship between observe, plan, act and evaluate; Evaluation of educational context as an instrument of knowledge of child and to regulate the educator's practice 4-Documentation on Educational experiences and projects

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Used strategies and resources: Exposition; Debate; Document Analysis; Individual assignment; Group assignment; Assessment methods and its weighting: Teamwork- 60%; Individual critical thinking- 40%

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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