Investigação em Contextos Educativos

Teacher Responsible: Luís Miguel Prata Alves Gomes
1º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
Analyze reflexively different theories and concepts that define problems involving educational research issues (reasoned problematic construction); Explain and base methodological research options depending on the study object and subjects participating in research (project design); Build and apply different research and analysis techniques (planning, development and implementation of the project); Write a research report (scientific work); Communicate and argue the main results obtained (scientific presentation of the work); Reveal reflective capabilities

1. General Framework: educational research importance 2. Scientific research Itinerary 3. Research Methodology 3.1. Quantitative Approaches 3.2. Qualitative Approaches 3.2.1. Case study 3.2.2. Applied qualitative Research 4. Data collection Procedures 4.1-Observation 4.2-Survey 4.3-Interviews 5. Results analysis 6. Action research: assumptions and models 7. Scientific work redaction methodology

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Presentation, debate, documents analysis, individual/group work, project, observation, experiments, problems and reflection. Creation of theoretical-practical reflection space to facilitate trainees ' learning about concepts, perspectives and procedures for conducting investigative work; Debate to share knowledge and experiences on methodological issues within the education framework ; students' work tutorials. Critical and reflective analysis work resulting from the observation and recording of evidence from practice placements. Development of an applied research project with theoretical-practical follow-up of school activities. Continuous qualitative evaluation that will for the final project presentation.

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