Temáticas Aprofundadas em Educação de Infância

Teacher Responsible: Maria Paula Pequito de Almeida Sampaio Soares Lopes
2º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
Recognize childhood as social construction Reflect, critically, on the rights of the child Recognize the tensions and opportunities of rights of protection, provision and participation Identify challenges in school-family and community cooperation To deepen theoretical and practical foundations for the evaluation of learning, processes and contexts in a quality perspective Reflect on ways to create and mobilize pedagogical and technological resources to design stimulating environments in childhood education contexts

I - Thinking about the challenges of early childhood education in the light of children's rights II - Training of children's education professionals: cooperation with families and the community III - Evaluation and Quality IV - Childhood and Technology

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

The UC is organized in seminars, the responsibility of the various teachers of this UC where through the exposure of different issues will be promoted moments of debate in a large group, also supported by the analysis of documents that are made available to students through the moodle platform. Specialists and different professionals will be called to participate in the seminars promoting a sharing and analysis on the challenges that the situations of the practice put us. OT hours will be energized by teachers who will provide each student with clues to a more individual reflection to be accomplished in the work for evaluation. Thus, the evaluation will contemplate four written individual reflections, one for each theme defined in the programmatic contents, each one weighing 25% of the final classification.

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