TIC em Contexto Educativo

Teacher Responsible:
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
-Integrating the ICT in practice, exploring them as pedagogical and didactic resources and mobilizing them for the development of new teaching strategies -Design, create and evaluate digital educational resources -Using e-learning environments within a perspective of training/formation throughout life -Share, socialize and collaborate on a methodology for e-learning -Using ICT for educational context -Select, organize and judiciously use the information available on the Internet

1.The new context of training in the Information Society 2.The ICT Learning Efficiency Training 3.Blend Learning in an Educational Context.LMS-Learning management system 4.Digital Educational Resources (Construction and evaluation) 5.Collection, Processing and Data analysis using the worksheet

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Will be provided a set of digital educational resources for the student analyze, discuss and build activities in order to integrate ICT in the subject area of interest. The teacher will always be the pivot and the mediator of learning. The moments of expository nature constitute starting points for the creation of analytical spaces and consequent reflection on the themes of exploration, individually, in small or large group. The evaluation is made by anindividual work that consists of the construction and organization of a virtual portfolio.This work is presented orally and delivered to the teacher in the last class.

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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