Trabalho de Projeto

Teacher Responsible:
2º Ano | Anual
Learning objectives
- Design, execute and evaluate an research/intervention project in specific areas of the Masters - Design anreserach/intervention plan - Develop methodologies and tools for data collection, according to selected objectives - Analyze quantitative and qualitative data - Manage interventions, according to objective and deadlines - Evaluate projects (implementation, progress and results) - Adopt mechanisms for quality control in search for continuous improvement

1. Research and Intervention i. Methodologies and tools for data collection ii. Qualitative and quantitative analysis iii. Evaluation of progress (results, impact, activities, resources)

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Strategies and resources used: - Project description: The monitoring of students will be conducted by a team of teachers to ensure quality in all dimensions involved - scientific, technical as well as methodological. Assessment methods and their weight: Research project / intervention: 100% Description: Continuous and formative assessment during the semester and summative evaluation at the end of the semester (evaluation and management of a research project / intervention)

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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