Modelos de Ensino e Teorias de Aprendizagem

Teacher Responsible:
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
1. To understand the concept and the mechanisms of learning in order to promote the capacity of reflection of the educative action; 2. To relate the existent theories of learning in order to do the interpretation of the educative practices; 3. To characterize the relevant models in the teaching-learning process to do, in his function of supervision, the identification and evaluation of the followed models.

1. Learning: Theory and Practice 1.1. Concept and basic mechanisms of learning 1.2. Reinforcement and transfer in learning 1.3. Self-regulation of learning 2. Learning Theories 2.1. Behavioral Theories 2.2. Cognitive theories 2.2.1. Exogenous constructivism 2.2.2. Endogenous constructivism 2.2.3. Dialectic constructivism 3. Teaching Models 3.1. Expository teaching 3.2. Direct instruction 3.3. Learning of domain 3.4. Learning by discovery 3.5. Models of Instructive Events 3.6. Cooperative learning

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

We will use as methodologies and strategies: oral presentation with or without a visual support; dialog betwenn Teacher and Students causing the reflection and exploitation of concepts; individual and group works based on the theme previously defined; Theme presentation in the class followed by a final debate for the development of ideas and sources of knowledge; Reflexive Individual Synthesis of each presented group work. Individual written work: 50%; Oral presentation of the group work: 50%.

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