Perspetivas Didáticas

Teacher Responsible:
1º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
1- Know the scientific and educational perspectives on subject areas. 2- To analyze teaching practices based on current learning / teaching theories. 3- Articulate reflection and action to improve educational practices. 4- Planning tasks that enhance the articulation theory / practice, making significant knowledge built.

1. Concepts and theoretical references in the didactics domain; 2. Emerging Approaches teaching in curriculum areas; 3. Analysis of practices in the field of teaching in specific subject areas; 4. Design of educational interventions in specific areas.

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

TP classes will have a collaborative component of the students using the analysis of specialty texts, sharing experiences and discussing conceptions and perspectives. The assessment in group work will be based on written production of a reflection on the updates and positions brought by the UC content in the TP classes. Seminars will be directed to the respective cycles of education / education (pre-school education; 1ºCEB; 2ºCEB, 3ºCEB and Secondary) and the following subject areas: Portuguese, Mathematics, Sciences / History and Geography, Artistic Expressions). The evaluation of these seminars will be individual and it stands in the design of a didactic device or a didactic sequence related to the one of the disciplinary areas above. Group Work: 60%; Individual Work: 40%.

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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