Trabalho de Projeto

Teacher Responsible: Luís Miguel Prata Alves Gomes
2º Ano | Anual
Learning objectives
It enables the student to acquire and develop the capacity to build a scientific discourse based on research skills, understanding and critical analysis both of theoretical documents and their intervention in reality - establishing a commitment of dialogue with the teatcher/personal tutor. The final objective is the production of a Work Project of scientific nature which consists of a theoretical argument about the topic being studied as well as an intervention plan ( or analysis of the intervention undertaken) on the reality. The student should be able to draw up a Project Work with a proper depth and scientific/methodological correction and learn how to present it and defend it publicly.

The contents are set out between the teacher(s)/personal tutor(s) and the student, taking into account the student's project; and with the objective of developing develop the student's research, planning and intervention skills. These will be showed in the final Project Work thru scientific, methodological and linguistic correctness and that will have public presentation.

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

The methodologies are set out/supervised by the teacher(s)/personal tutor(s) who developed the student's research and intervention skills. Assessement will occur from the the Project Work's public defense. (100%)

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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