Pedagogia Intercultural e Cidadania

Teacher Responsible:
2º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
1. Analyse, problematise and defend the undoubtable multicultural reality that is the world where we must live. 2. Understand the need and aims for a critical and reflexive focus on this universe charaterised by cultural diversity. 3. Acquire the capability to assume, present and defend a truly intercultural stance; thus advocating the need for a pro diversity and pro human rights education, to be understood as societal development.

1. Introduction: the concept of culture 1.1. Cultural diversity 1.2. Culture: dynamic and constructive process 1.3. Analytics of the present 2. Multicuturality phenomenon: origins, basis and perspectives 2.1. History political, economical and social cultural factors 2.2. Universality/plurality 3. Intercultural pedagogy: scope, concepts and objectives 3.1. Policies, models and programmes of/in multiculturality 3.2.Research contexts 3.3. Intercultural competences 3.4. Training of agents from interculturality: intercultural mediation 4. Human Rights as the basis of interculturality 5. Education and Development

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

- Presentation; Debate; Document analysis; Individual work; Simulation; Group work; Case studies. Active methodologies will be used in the development of knowledge undertaken by the student, with the teacher acting as a facilitator and personal tutor for contents and strategies of work/research. Work to approach specific programme topics will be conducted (teacher presentation and documentation), in tandem with research and discussion led by the student/group (debate, individual work, group work and analysis of case studies). The methodology is characterised by a strong formative element as a means to provide apropriation, discussion and renewal of the knowledge being acquired and interiorised. - Evaluation: Participation in academic activities/research (essays, forums, autonomous work) (20%), Individual work (80%)

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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