Seminário de Apoio à Dissertação

Teacher Responsible:
2º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
- To deepen knowledge and skills in the research area so that students are able to organize an original dissertation appropriately, from a scientific point of view; - To Complement and deepen knowledge in the specific areas of dissertations

1. Research in Special Education: development of focus theme to research and specific methodological preparation 1.1 Research with children 1.2 Biographic narrative in the study of educational realities 1.3 Planning and conducting an interview in a research project 1.4 Survey questionnaire: software for quantitative research 1.5 Description, analysis and interpretation of empirical data 2. Specific Themes in special education

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Privileged nature work practice shall be articulated with exposure and group discussion. The final evaluation will be obtained through the oral presentation and discussion of part of the dissertation (100%).

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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