Metodologias e Técnicas de Investigação Educacional

Teacher Responsible:
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
-to analyze reflexively different theories and concepts which define problem involving a matter of educational research; -to explain and support the methodological research options depending on the subject matter and subjects participating in research; -to build and apply techniques of collecting and analyzing information; -to write a research report;

Module I -Research Methodologies and Techniques 1. General Background: Importance of Educational Research 2. The Itinerary of Scientific Research 3. Research Methods 3.1. Quantitative approaches 3.2. Qualitative approaches 3.2.1. Case Study 3.2.2. Participant observation 3.2.3. Applied qualitative research 3.2.4. Life Stories 4. Procedures for data collection 5. Research Action: assumptions and models 6. Methodology on the writing of scientific work Module II Applied Research in Special Education 1. Research in Special Education: perspectives and current trends 2. Critical analysis of research in Special Education 3. Research on assessment programs 4. Data collection procedures for decision making in contexts of Special Education

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Creating a theoretical reflection space a practice that facilitates student learning in relation to concepts perspectives and procedures for conducting a research work; autonomous learning using materials of interest to the participants; moments of debate for sharing knowledge and experiences on methodological issues in education; follow up work to be undertaken by trainees. Forms of assessment: - Conducting a written research project - 60%; - Oral presentation of the work - 20%; - Participation in theoretical and theoretical practice sessions - 20%.

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