Teacher Responsible: Ana Maria Paula Marques Gomes
2º Ano | Anual
Learning objectives
Observes and analyses the complexity of special education reality in light of the research undertaken and identifies issues of interest to develop in the research; Acknowledge the different steps for the organization of scientific work; Selects a special education issue relevant to the work to be developed; Master the use of methods and data collection techniques (interview, questionnaire survey, observation); Master the use of methods and data processing techniques (qualitative and quantitative); Justifies and defends the research conceptually and methodologically.

Organization of the dissertation Public defense of the dissertation

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

The dissertation is guided by a doctorate teacher from ESEPF or another institution. Tutorial sessions are held, generally individual. The final evaluation is defined based on the defense of a public test being the opponent examiner a doctorate from another institution of higher education (100%). The features of this academic act are set in specific regulations.

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