Introdução à Estatística

Teacher Responsible:
3º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
-Distinguish between mathematical knowledge from the ones with of a different nature -Perform data-gathering activities through a questionnaire inquiry -Present dada through charts and graphics -Interpret charts and graphics -Communicate the results from the conclusions using charts and graphics -Perform investigations with data analysis -Demonstrate a critical sense regarding the way in which the information is portrayed

1. General considerations 1.1. Descriptive Statistics and Inference Statistics 1.2. Stages of the Statistic Method 1.3. Statistic Unit 1.4. Variables and their classification 1.5. Population and sample 2. Organization and data representation 2.1. Information classification/Data gathering 2.2. Data presentation 2.3. Frequency distribution 2.4. Charts and frequency polygons 2.5. Graphics 3. Measures of Central Tendency 3.1. Mean 3.2. Median 3.3. Mode 3.4. Quartile, decile and percentile 4. Measures of dispersion 4.1. Peak to peak amplitude 4.2. Average absolute deviation 4.3. Variance 4.4 Standard Deviation 5. Measures of Kurtosis 6. Introduction to probabilities 7. Regression 7.1. Model of simple linear regression 8. Sampling 9. Hypothesis tests (parametric/non parametric)

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

The C.U. will be ministered with theoretical presentations and practical applications of the dealt subjects, to which didactical materials, variant in nature, will be made available to students. Worksheets will also be made available to students with problems to be solved in group, students that at the end will have to present and discuss the conclusions with their colleagues. The proposed works will have to be solved in the classroom with the possibility to reflect over the given solutions, in an autonomous work and subsequent delivery of the reformulated solutions. Evaluation modes and correspondent reflection: two written tests, each with 50% weighting in the final grade.

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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