Didática da Matemática

Teacher Responsible:
3º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
Understand the function of Didactic of Mathematics within the learning and teaching Mathematics activities Identify the intervenient and roles of each intervenient of a didactic system Explain the pedagogical implications arising from the Math Didactics Characterize current theoretical and methodological frameworks from the Math Didactics Identify pertinent themes for research within the Math Didactic To know specificities of Mathematics learning and teaching in the different levels of Basic Education Identify guidelines of Mathematics on the Basic Education Establish mathematical connections among the different levels of Basic Education Identify specific approaches to each mathematical theme Adapt strategies and materials to the different math contexts in the Basic Education Apply the correct vocabulary in the oral and written description of logical-mathematical situations Develop logic argumentation in the presentation and justification of conclusions

Didactics in Mathematics teaching and learning - Psychological perspective about the process of Mathematics learning and teaching - Didactic approaches of number, arithmetic operations, measurement, geometry, data organization and processing - Research perspectives in Didactics of Mathematics

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Exposition, debate, documental analysis, individual and team work Description: The activities include reading and analysis of reference works within the Math area, as well as the presentation of the main subjacent ideas. The discussion of mathematical situations coming from different contexts as well as the presentation of investigation lines that underpin good practices will contribute to a XXI Century teacher profile. Assessment: Individual portfolio (100%) The individual portefolio include a reflective component (30%) - sustained in the activities developed in the classroom - and a component focused on educational practice (70%) - embodied in a pedagogical intervention proposal - which will allow to assess the development of research skills, analysis and selection of information and the appropriation of theoretical and methodological knowledge specific to Mathematics Didactics.

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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