Investigação, Informática e Educação

Teacher Responsible: Ana Cristina Dias Pinheiro
3º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
- Characterize society and contextualize groups - Understand meaningfull observations and use them - Characterize the use of ICT in today's social context - Adapt ICT to different contexts - Know how to search and collect data - Use and define criteria for classification of information - Use different digital tools - Know how adequate digital resources - Assume autonomy in decisionmaking - Differentiate instruments for data collection - Present data in suitable charts - Read and understand data

Knowledge and Information Society Computer literacy: the Portuguese reality Data management on the web and the educator The use of technology in the construction of instruments for collecting data The spreadsheet and the researcher Technology helping interact school and community Presentations in digital formats Methods and techniques of Research for teachers Data collection in educational sciences Production of academic / scientific documents

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

In the theoretical sessions are exposed the concepts and theories. Students are invited to the partial or integral reading of texts considered central to the curricular unit and to their discussion in classes. Theoretical-practical classes are used to present the critical reading of texts provided by the teachers. Throughout the classes the students develop individual works accompanied by the teachers. Forms of evaluation: Group work: 60% Individual participation: 40% The individual participation includes an evaluation form, as well as assiduity, punctuality, participation, involvement, critical capacity and the presentation of group work. Group work 2/3 elements (max. 8 pages, without cover and index). Students will be expected to produce a theoretical reflection and a research plan.

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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