Psicologia Educacional

Teacher Responsible: Júlio Emílio Pereira de Sousa
2º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
1 - To understand the importance of motivation for the success of teaching and learning process. 2 - To relate learning with classroom management and learning atmosphere. 3 - To know different learning theories.

Chapter I 1.Motivation, personality and learning 1.1.Motivation theories 1.2.Stimulating factors of motivation 1.3.Social cognitional variables of personality and scholar fulfilment 2.Learning atmosphere and motivation 2.1 Class room atmosphere 2.2.Efects of the ambience in the student´s motivation Chapter II 1.Management of the classroom 1.1.Ecology in the classroom 1.2.Efficient management of the classroom 1.2.1. Preventive management in the classroom 1.2.2.Management of improper behaviour 1.2.3.Assertive control Chapter III 1.Learning: Theory and Practice 1.1.Behavioristc views of learning 1.2.Behavioristic views of learning 1.3. Learning and teaching

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

We will use as methodologies and strategies: oral presentation (theorical) with or without a visual support; dialog Teacher/ Student causing the reflection and exploitation of concepts; group works (theorical-pratical) based on the theme previously defined and tutorial guidance; Theme presentation in the class followed by a final debate for the development of ideas and sources of knowledge; Reflexive Individual Synthesis of each presented group work. The test, that represents 50% of the final classification, has as main goal which is to differ the results of each student. The group work, equivalent to 50% of the final classification, besides making the students study deeply a given theme together promotes also the cooperation among them.

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