Educação para a Saúde em Contexto Educativo

Teacher Responsible: Mónica Cristina Nogueira Soares
2º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
-Deepen knowledge about measures of health education, disease prevention and health protection -Promote health literacy -Promote attitudes and values that support healthy behaviours -Recognise the importance of the close relationship of each with your sexual development -Raise awareness of relational intervention regarding sexuality -Training for the teaching/learning of physical and mental health practices -Develop health education sessions

1. (New) behaviors and health practices. 1.1. Healthy lifestyles - attention to the body (corporeality) 1.2. Structuring social life - attention to mind. The creative leisure / recreation serious 1.3. The letter of Ottawa (WHO) 1.4. The program-to-support-promotion-and-education-for-health 2. The promotion of maternal, infant and child health 3. Healthy aging - prevention of disease and disability 3.1. Affections and sexuality education for lifelong 4. Health promotion projects at the workplace 5. Food literacy and physical activity 6. Mental health and prevention of violence 7. Training educators for health: pedagogical assumptions. The health education sessions. 8. Social marketing and planning model precede/proceed in health education. 9. Research in education for health

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Oral exposure with and without visual support; Web Developer and programmer dialogue, leading to reflection and deepening of concepts; critical review of articles; group work on previously defined and chosen by the Group; presentation of the topic in the classroom with final debate for the construction of ideas and knowledge applicable to professional practice. Two written tests (25% + 25%) and an written work done in trios with classroom presentation (50%)

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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