Percursos da História de Portugal

Teacher Responsible: Isilda Maria dos Santos Braga da Costa Monteiro
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
To understand the current world as the result of the collective action, projected from the past To analyze critically the History of Portugal issues To integrate the History of Portugal within a perspective compared with other European and worldwide economical, socio-political and cultural spaces To present, in written and orally, the acquired knowledge, using the proper historic terminology and demonstrating reasoning capabilities To apply the knowledge and demonstrate comprehension capabilities when dealing with an historic theme and in problematizing questions regarding the contemporary world To know the different periods in the History of Portugal and their most determining characteristics To relate the History of Portugal, with a contextualization made regarding time and space, with Europe and the world

A. Introduction to the study of History 1. The social function of History in the contemporary world 2. Periodization in History - criteria definition 3. The concept of historical document B. Before the formation of Portugal C. Portugal in the Medieval Age D. Portugal in the Modern Age E. Contemporary Portugal

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

We will center in the space-time contextualization and in the decoding of the historical knowledge, to promote an appropriation of a knowledge that is structured, critical and worthy of meditation. We understand that the classes shall be interactive and participated with a diversification of resources and strategies: descriptive-interrogative classes; from debates to group-works making use of the information research; the analysis of historical sources; the study made through actualized synthesis. Works will be developed that will be related to the analysis and discussion of the bibliography regarding the several periods dealt in the proposed program. They will also relate to the reading and interpretation of documents. Evaluation (three moments): two written tests (45%+45%); one individual work (10%).

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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