Desenvolvimento Pessoal e Humanismo Cristão

Teacher Responsible: Idalécia da Cruz Videira
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
1-Recognize the importance of auto knowledge within the human and interpersonal relationship 2-Wake up for the conscience formation and openness to the transcendent 3-Know the different humanisms and the Christian humanism as a basic reference 4-Asking for the meaning of life trying to get answers from the reference prespective 5-Establish the challenge to the engagement from the liberty ethic

The human being facing his own mystery -Autoknowledge and human relationship -Building of conscience and openness to the Transcendent The different humanisms and the Christian Humanism -The meaning of life -The challenge of a compromise from the liberty ethic

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

The used methodologies has as main goal to raise the personal development in every level, developing the capacity of self-examination, refection, analysis of reality to form a judgment and at the same time to test the capacity to help the others in their personal development from the personal reality. They also allow us to get some knowledge po perceive the different forms of interpreting the Man reality in face of his own mystery, being able to get elements to make a free and conscious choice of the values which turn the human being even more human and free accepting deep pledges. Evalution: Evalution: group work (40%) + individual critic reflection and participation in classroom activities (60%)

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

BONET, José Vicente, Sê amigo de ti mesmo - Manual de autoestima, Braga, Editorial A.O., 1990. BASTOS, Ana Paula, Um sentido para a Vida, Prior Velho, Paulinas, 2004.