Sociologia do Tempo Livre e do Lazer

Teacher Responsible: Florbela Maria da Silva Samagaio Gandra
2º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
1. understand the historical and conceptual evolution of notions of Free Time and Leisure 2. understand relations between work, free time and leisure practices 3. know sociological approaches applied to the study of free time and leisure 4. understand free time and leisure as a social construction of specific social groups 5. interpret leisure as a form of social distinction and construction of social identities 6. understand the importance and the need for a critical and reflexive culture on free time practices

1. the social construction of free time and leisure 2. sociological approaches to the free time and leisure phenomenon 3. free time, leisure and work: conceptual relations and issues 4. social practices of leisure in contemporary societies 4.1. leisure and social groups 4.2. leisure practices and social distinction 4.3. leisure and social and cultural inequalities 4.4. free time, leisure and gender inequality 4.5. free time, leisure and life trajectories 5. Free time and leisure: current trends 5. 1. tourism 5.2. media and social networks 5.3. culture(s) 5.4. consumption 5.5. sports 6. social and education construction of leisure contexts

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Exposition Debate Document analysis Individual work Description: The moments of an expositive nature will constitute starting points for the creation of spaces for analysis and consequent reflection about the thematics under exploration, either individually, in small groups, or in a large group. The Typology hours proposal allows the student a thematic framework of work and the development of documentary research skills under tutorial guidance. Evaluation and respective ponderation: small essay of free time phenomenon and leisure (6 pages) - 60% of total evaluation; statistical practical work, with empirical information collection, in the context of Internship II, about leisure practices - 40%

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