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Teacher Responsible: Florbela Maria da Silva Samagaio Gandra
2º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
Knows how to define observation indicators and dimension, in institutions and groups Knows how to caracterise: institutions, groups and environment Knows how to apply techniques and instruments of data collection Knows how to plan, structure and evaluate social and educational activities Reveals a critical spirit of analysis of social reality Knows the professional profile of the Social Educator Knows how to conceive instruments for evaluation of proposed activities

1. The environemnt of institutions 2. institutional realities (educational projects= 3 groups 4 needs, interests and problems on intervention groups Planning social and educational interventions Pratical planning exercises 1. Planning interventions in after schoo activities, family, youth at risk, elderly 2. golas, strategies and activities 3 resources for intervention Evaluation of intervention projects 1 the importance of evaluation of intervention. How to evaluate. The role of evaluation indiciators Supervision of internships 1 Tutorial supervision of students 2 reflection and analysis of competences during internships in order to built a profile of a Social Educator

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Theoretical and practical classes allow students to develop practical examples that are discussed and brought for reflection. Alongside these classes and tutorial spervision to prepare for internships students develop 4 weeks of pratice in their inetrnships with pedagogical practice under the supervision of a teacher. Here they are able to apply theory and practice to acquired knowledge guided by supervision. In the same sense when they do the internship and reports there are tutorial hours alongside visits to the institutions where supervisors are able to see students in their work context. Evaluation: Internship report I - 30% Internship report II - 30% Evaluation test - 40%

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