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Teacher Responsible: Florbela Maria da Silva Samagaio Gandra
2º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
1. To know how to observe the socio-educational reality; 2. To identify socio-educational problems; 3. To develop a critical sense regarding the observed realities; 4. To know socio-educational institutions, their status and its juridical system; 5. To know the social reality and the role of the Welfare State in the fight against the different problematics; 6. To understand the importance of the social institutions/equipments and of the IPSS's (Private Institutions for Social Solidarity) among the populations; 7. To present social sensibility; 8. To be autonomous; 9. To develop a internship report according to the intended goals.

1. Brief introduction to the Portuguese Welfare State 2. The different models of Welfare State in Europe: a brief synthesis 3. Social equipments and social responses according to the Social Security guidelines, from which we can pinpoint the following: - Youth: Free Time Activity Centre; Youth Home; Temporary Housing Centre; Autonomy Apartment; - Adult population: Gathering Centre; Day care Centre; Senior Home; - Adult individuals bearers of deficiency: Service/Accompanying and Animation Centre for Handicapped People 4. Intervention problematics: observation/analysis of the several contexts of intervention 5. Professional attitude and profile

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Exposition Debate Document analysis Group Work Fieldwork observation in a real context and their respective registry Written exam: 40% Reports: 30% Evaluation of the internship's advisors and supervisors: 20% Autonomy; argumentation and justification of ideias; class participation; commitment; attendance; punctuality: 10% Description: The evaluation of this curricular unit will have, in each of the evaluation parameters, a set of indicators adapted to the demands and objectives.

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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