Metodologias de Intervenção Educativa em Educação Social

Teacher Responsible: Florbela Maria da Silva Samagaio Gandra
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
1. To correctly problematise the concepts of educations, methodology and social intervention; 2. To develop competences in order do provide an adequate socio-educational action; 3. To understand and know the fundaments and processes of a sociology towards action that is adequate in face of different groups and interventional contexts; 4. To know how to develop characterisations: institutionally; target groups; and surrounding environment; 5. To know how to apply techniques and instruments in order to retrieve information; 6. To know the project methodology regarding social intervention; 7. To reveal the necessary capabilities to work autonomously and in group; 8. To relate the concepts of education, methodology and social intervention.

1. Conceptual definition/problematisation: methodology; educational intervention; social education; social pedagogy; social relation. 2. Observation: concept; forms of observation; grids and observation registry - The interview in the scope of Social Education - The social educator as a field observer 3. The methodologies for information retrieval: questionnaire, interview, participating observation; daily journal 4. The importance of the communication, listening and evaluation capabilities in the scope of social intervention 5. Social intervention with groups - preventive actions - socio-drama - sociogram 6. How to intervene: project's methodology A. - Definition of a project - Types of projects B. Fases of the social intervention project - Diagnostics: data retrieval supports - The planification - The project's implementation and execution - The evaluation: the concept of evaluation; types of evaluation.

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Description: Expositive method Debate Document analysis Individual work Group work Practical case analysis Reality Observation (TC) 60%: Final competency assessment test 40%: Individual elaboration of a dossier of resolution of the practical case of intervention, with field work to be solved during the semester and where aspects such as research and foundation are evaluated. The work will allow a complex and multidimensional analysis of the phenomenon according the problem based learning strategy

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