Psicologia do Desenvolvimento

Teacher Responsible: Docente De Testes
1º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
1. To know the different models of Developmental Psychology. 2. Develop knowledge about the neurological basis of psychological development. 3. Identify, understand and analyze the changes in patent individuals throughout human development.

1. Models of Developmental Psychology a) Main Models; b) Nature versus Nurture; c) Behavior Genetics. 2. Development of the nervous system 3. Prenatal development 4. Cognitive development a) Piagetian Model; b) Developmental Model of Language. 5. Personal and social development a) Freud and Psychosexual Development; b) Erikson and Psychosocial Development. 6. Moral Development

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Exposure Debate Analysis of documents Individual work Group work Fieldwork Form of assessment and percentage: 60% - Two group works with oral presentation; 40% - Written Test. Will use oral exposure; dialogue teacher / student and debate (OT), reflection and exploration of concepts, analysis of documents and critical articles; individual and group work on predefined themes, and thematic presentation, followed by discussion to construct knowledge. A field visit will be conducted.

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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