Institucionalização na 3ª Idade

Teacher Responsible:
3º Ano | 1º Semestre
Learning objectives
Identify main challenges produced by ageing processes to society and health systems. Reflect upon the framework of ageing problematics in socal policies and health Develop competences that enable the identfication of needs, plananing, implmenting and evaluating intervention actions

Geronotology - scientific areas - geriatrics and gerontology Brief Consideration on Human ageing - classifications and criteria - stereotypes changes related to ageing processes Support networks to elderly people: formal and informal; utidisciplinary teams National Program on elderly Health - areas, goals and activities Institutions in edlerly support - dependency, autonomy and family support - typology of institutions available on elderly care

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Teaching methodologies will take into account the need to locate students in different theoretical concepts and frameworks, that allow understanding of the following points. In this sense, a set of theoretical lessons are programed supported on critical readings of texts seen as central for students and ofr defined goals. Following this need a set of theretical-practical lessons allow a close work with students, of an analysis of specific realities, institutions, programs, etc. that enable students to develop an insight focused on practice alied to theory. In this sense, student's participation is considered fundamental to fullfill these goals. Therefore, critical analysis of a program, discussed and followed allows the building of a critical vision on them. Critical analysis of a program of institutionalization - 60% Participation in classes - 20% Critical readings of texts - 20%

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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