Conceção de Trabalho de Projeto

Teacher Responsible:
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
Konw Project concepts, theories and models Understand the importance of projects that adapt, in an articulated manner, their various elements (objectives, problems, situations, actions, strategies, resources, assessment modes, timing, . . . ) Mobilize knowledge in project design Analyze projects related to different socio-educational and training contexts Design projects appropriate to the diversity of situations and socio-educational and training contexts

1. Research Paradigm (s): Ontological, Epistemological and Methodological issues 2. Elements / phases of research / intervention projects 3. The design of research/intervention projects 4. The evaluation of research/intervention projects 5. Analysis of research/intervention projects

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

From the prior identification of teaching, learning and training issues, the seminars will create opportunities for contact with theoretical foundations and intervention practices, namely arising from the analysis of project work developed in the CE areas of expertise. At tutorial classes, in which they will be accompanied in more personalized wyay (individually and / or in small groups), students will be immersed in the project design process, where they will also retrieve both the knowledge acquired in the different UCs in an integrated manner as the one emerging from their professional experience and practice. Assessment: The design of the research / intervention project will be 100% weighted and will involve its oral presentation in a large group / class.

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