Prespetivas Didáticas para a Orientação da Prática Profissional

Teacher Responsible:
1º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
Know general ens disciplinary didactic perspectives. Critically analyze inter and intradisciplinary pedagogical practices. Incorporate consistently scientific, pedagogical and didactic dimensions in pedagogical intervention proposals Articulate reflection and action to improve teaching professional practice. Develop didactic analysis skills

1. Didactics in teaching professional practice 2. Theoretical and methodological notions and references in Didactics 3. Emerging didactic perspectives in curricular areas 4. Analysis of professional practices in subject areas 5. Design of educational intervention proposals for multidisciplinary and specific areas

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

From an expository component, the theoretical-practical classes will privilege the collaborative work of students using the analysis of specialty texts, sharing experiences and discussion of concepts and perspectives. The seminars will be mainly directed to subject areas, providing training opportunities for more specific character.The assessment will be based on the learning built in the course, evidenced in a written reflection on issues emanating from the seminars (50%) and a proposal for a didactic sequence for a subject area, designed in groups (50%).

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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