Oficina de Recursos Pedagógicos para História e Geografia

Teacher Responsible: Vítor Patrício Rodrigues Ribeiro
2º Ano | 2º Semestre
Learning objectives
To kown, understand and use the concepts involving Educational Technology To know, understand, use and deepen knowledge on pedagogical strategies involving Educational Technology in the 1st and 2nd cycle of Basic Education Knowing how to build, select and critically use technological resources to Portuguese History and Geography

1-ICT concepts and and the role of teacher-researcher; 1.1-Technologies in educational context; 1.2-Selection, assessement and use of Digital Educational Resources. 2-Technological resources in the context of history and geography: 2.1-The use of written documents, materials, iconographic and oral in an educational context and the building of historical knowledge; 2.2-Knowledge of the physical and social environment through photography and pictorial maps; 2.3-Geographical plants, globes and planispheres.

Teaching methodologies (including evalution)

Contents of the curricular unit will be actively explored; interactions between students will be valued by developing skills such as leadership, interpersonal relatioship, creativity and innovation. Theoretical sessions will deepen knowledge necessary to the future teacher. In practical theoretical-sessions the collaborative development of practice-based projects is appreciated. Tutorial sessions are used to provide support and specific feedback to students work and progress according to the curricular unit main goals and to adequacy of contents to student's projects. Observations froam teachers during classes and student's self-evaluation reports will be used. Evaluation and weighting: Individual work - 70% Oral presentation - 30%

Essential Bibliography (including ISBN)

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