3rd International Week (Social Education Department – ESEPF)

Social Inclusion and Social Intervention: contemporary discussions


For the third consecutive year, the Social Education Department is hosting an international week, under the theme of Social Inclusion and Social Intervention: contemporary discussions. As social work and education become more complex and different areas emerge, we aim to focus the discussion on our possibilities and constrains, as we also investigate different international realities and intervention methodologies.

Students from Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Netherlands are invited to participate in an opening lecture, from our Spanish colleagues and 5 different workshops are available for participation.

Several places are also reserved to our partner institutions and their technical staff. Inscriptions are free but mandatory. A declaration of participation will be given at the end of the week.

For the first time, this year, we also invite students from other higher education institutions to experience this week with us. 15 places will be opened for the participation in the workshops.

Welcome to ESEPF’s International week!


Get the programme pdf file here.

Know more about the workshops below:

1 The Inclusion Diamond, eye for diversity
2 Students, older persons and Healthcare Technology
3 Inclusion by Restorative Justice
4 Playing for success, How sports can be the motor to keep children in school!
5 Disaliblity, social policies and labour market


Mandatory registration. Form here.

Free entry.